Our Story

Driven by a desire to seek out the best karate practices in the world while using evidence based technical, tactical, physical and mental preparation techniques, we deliver membership a modern approach to karate training.


Meet the Board of Directors of Gendai Karate No Michi Canada

Rodney Hobson

Founder & CEO

6th Dan Tsuruoka Karate-Do
5th Dan Karate Canada
1st Dan ITKF

Kevin Pedersen

Vice President

1st Dan Tsuruoka Karate-Do
NCCP Comp-Dev In-Training
Karate BC Provincial Referee

Coreen Hobson

Secretary / Treasurer

Full-Time Karate Administrator

How to Join …

If you want more information on becoming a branch dojo of Gendai Karate No Michi Canada, click the link.

How to Join